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Welcome from
Hend & Hesham

The two of us, Hend & Hesham, find joy in connecting our compatible friends in Halal marriages. We understand the struggle of finding like-minded practicing Muslim spouses, and realize that as a married couple ourselves, we are in an excellent position to be a connecting node for single Muslims trying to keep it Halal.

This is not a matrimonial website that uploads profiles online for browsing (membership or otherwise). All profiles are kept confidential and only viewed by the two of us. Sisters may privately submit their profile to Hend and brothers to Hesham for appropriate matchmaking with care and discretion.

This effort is 100% free and insha Allah completely for His sake. May Allah (swt) bless and accept this effort in bringing Muslim singles together in Halal.

How it Works

1. Submit your profile (sisters’ profiles go to Hend and brothers’ profiles to Hesham).

2. Hend & Hesham personally match based on information provided by other submissions.

3. Hend or Hesham will contact you with 2-3 matching profiles (identities concealed & protected).

4. The profile you select will be contacted with your profile (your identity concealed & protected).

5. If both parties agree, then identities will be revealed and contact information will be sent to both. You may then proceed with getting to know one another at your own discretion*.

6. You may repeat the process with us as we learn more about your preferences, what works for you and what doesn’t.

*Please note that our suggestions are not personal recommendations. We simply match and connect based on the information provided. 

About Hend & Hesham

Alhamdulilah, Hend & Hesham have been married since 2010 and reside in Ottawa, Canada.

Hend Bindari is CEO of Misk Academy, and Founder of The Muslim Marketer. She teaches Quran and works with various Dawah organizations both locally and internationally.

Hesham Saleh is a Hafidh of Quran, as well as a teacher and learner of Islamic Sciences. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies with Mishkah University. He has also studied with various local and international scholars on topics of Quran, Fiqh, Hadith, and Aqeedah.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email

Brothers: hesham@ lovecoordinates.com

Sisters: hend@ lovecoordinates.com

Submit Profile

Brothers’ profiles are submitted to Hesham
Sisters’ profiles are submitted to Hend

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